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Course Name Department Course Number Section Term Instructors Notes
Painting Studio Year Maakestad, Susan
Art History Survey 1 Liberal Studies AH100 Fall Gerry, Kathryn
Art History Survey 2 Liberal Studies AH150.A Spring Daugherty, Ellen
Art Since World War II Liberal Studies AH230 Fall Auz, Lucienne
African American Art Liberal Studies AH375 Fall Daugherty, Ellen
Sacred: Medieval Art, Saints, and Relics Liberal Studies AH429 Fall Gerry, Kathryn
Gender and Art History Liberal Studies AH624 Fall Daugherty, Ellen
Drawing 1 Studio FD100.F Year HART, Jonathan
Color Foundations Studio FD160A Fall ROUILLARD, Marc
Design System 1 Design Arts GD200 Year Normoyle, Cat
Design System 1 Design Arts GD200 Fall DUMONT, Don
Design System 5 Design Arts GD400 Fall Normoyle, Cat
Southern Literature Liberal Studies HU285 Default term
Trauma in Literature Liberal Studies HU321A Fall Park, SoYoung
Creative Writing: Children's Lit Liberal Studies HU321B Fall PANKEWYCZ, Adam
History of Theory and Criticism Liberal Studies HU614 Spring
Silversmithing Studio MT400 Fall PRICE, William
Painting 2 Studio PD201 Spring ROUILLARD, Marc
Digital Photography Workflow/Digital Imaging Studio PH230/DM240 Fall
Photography 2 Studio PH250 Year
Social Documentary Photography Studio PH275 Fall
Photography 3 Studio PH300 Fall Fitzgerald, Colleen
Experimental Photography Studio PH300 Fall Fitzgerald, Colleen
Photography 6: Photo Seminar Studio PH400 Spring Fitzgerald, Colleen
Printmaking 1: Etching, et al. Studio PM105 Year DAVILA, Maritza
Painting 4 Studio PT310 Fall Maakestad, Susan
ST: Bent wood sculpture Studio SC331 Fall DUMONT, Don
Intro to Cultural Anthropology Liberal Studies SS275 Fall Mason, Teri