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Course Name Department Course Number Section Term Instructors Notes
Painting Studio Year Maakestad, Susan
Art History Survey 1 Liberal Studies AH100 Fall Gerry, Kathryn
Art History Survey 2 Liberal Studies AH150.A Spring Daugherty, Ellen
Renaissance Art Liberal Studies AH200 Fall Wagner, Debbi
Baroque Art Liberal Studies AH210 Spring
Intro to Medieval Art Liberal Studies AH226 Spring Gerry, Kathryn
Art of Asia: Japan Liberal Studies AH3033 Spring Kim, Bokyung
Modern Architecture 1 Liberal Studies AH331 Fall Ramsey, James
Past/Present: Revival and Renewal in Art, Architecture and Design Liberal Studies AH623 Spring Gerry, Kathryn
Drawing 1 Studio FD100.F Year HART, Jonathan
2-D Design Studio FD120 A Fall Green, Thomas
3-D Design Studio FD130 Fall DUMONT, Don
Color Foundations Studio FD160.B Fall Spruill, K.
Color Foundations Studio FD160A Fall ROUILLARD, Marc
Digital Foundations Studio FD170.B Fall Strasburger, Zark
The Design of Packaging Studio G210 Year Normoyle, Cat
Design System 1 Design Arts GD200 Year Normoyle, Cat
The Design of Packaging Design Arts GD210 Spring Normoyle, Cat
Sustainable Design Studio Design Arts GD235 Fall PARK, Hyuna
Design System 4 Design Arts GD305 Spring PARK, Hyuna
Design System 5 Design Arts GD400 Fall Normoyle, Cat
Creative Writing: Narrative Non-Fiction Liberal Studies HU3216 Spring PANKEWYCZ, Adam
Banned Books Liberal Studies HU3216 Spring Park, SoYoung
History of Theory and Criticism Liberal Studies HU614 Spring
Human Evolution Liberal Studies NS 221 Spring
Painting 2 Studio PD201 Spring ROUILLARD, Marc
Watercolor Studio PD240 Year Maakestad, Susan
Abstraction Studio PD332 Spring MILLER, Remy
Painting/Drawing Workshop Studio PD333 Fall MILLER, Remy
Photography 2 Studio PH250 Year
Photography 3 Studio PH300 Fall Fitzgerald, Colleen
Photography 6: Photo Seminar Studio PH400 Spring Fitzgerald, Colleen
Printmaking 1: Etching, et al. Studio PM105 Year DAVILA, Maritza
Painting 4 Studio PT310 Spring Maakestad, Susan
Metalsmithing 3 Studio SC 350 Fall PRICE, William
Metalsmithing 4 Studio SC 450 Year PRICE, William
Metalsmithing 2 Studio SC250 Fall PRICE, William